Something i did in less than an hour because mom needed a poster. I like the black one but when it was in my facebook feed it looked a tad bit boring. 

To Rely Heavily on Light

From the tiny streets in Marikina

Too many clothes but no good shoes

I got dressed because I was going to the thrift shop, i mean not in the prom dress, but when I was about to leave it started to rain. I found a way to make myself a tripod by stacking boxes on the opposite side of the room and just took photos instead. Not wanting to get soaked if and when the rain starts again makes me really lazy to leave the dorm. 

Things aren’t always going to be as you expected but you have to hold on to something. 

"Other people have drugs and alcohol. I have ice tea and orange juice. Sometimes, thrift shop clothes and art materials."

Clouds (that just woke up to drink orang juice)

I had to find a way to make this day more interesting so I made popcorn 

"Love is selfless, and you hurt, and hope but there’s a lot of things ahead of you. I just think that life ‘s only waiting for you to let got of the things you can’t have."

Lunn 3:31am 2014